Kathmandu may evoke different feelings to different persons for me – it reminds of spicy, fiery, delicious momos.

But you might ask what is in Kathmandu Momo? After all, momo is not even a Nepali cuisine. It is Chinese. Have you ever tasted Chinese Momo, also called Dumplings? You cannot really compare these two. For me, Kathmandu’s momo is way-way better than Chinese dumplings. Don’t agree with me? Head to Kathmandu, now and try Momos there.

Image of raw momos
Momos in preparation

As the most consumed food or snacks, Momo’s popularity is evident from the sight of the number of Momo food stalls in the streets and Momo restaurants around every nook and corner. When you are in Kathmandu, you cannot cross a Kathmandu’s street without finding a Momo Restaurant. Now! that’s for the popularity of Momo!

There are lots of restaurants that serve authentic Nepali Momos. Here are some random momo restaurants that come into my mind.

  • Utsav Authentic Nepali Restaurant, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
  • Momo Magic, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
  • Yangling Tibetan Restaurant,Satghumtee, Kathmandu
  • Yak restaurant, Thamel Marg, Kathmandu
  • Momo Mantra, Mid Baneshwore, Kathmandu
  • Shandar Momo, Suraj Arcade, Kathmandu
  • Shakya’s Momo, Kathmandu Durbar Square
Image of momo
Simply Delicious

Momos come in different shape, sizes, inner feelings, and cooking styles. The most popular Momos in Kathmandu are buff Momos that are steamed. But for the variety, these are the types of Momos based on how they are prepared.

  • Steamed Momo
  • Kothey Momo
  • Chilly Momo
  • Fried and steam-fried Momo
  • Jhol Momo
  • Open Momo
  • Tandoori Momo
  • Green Momo
  • Phapar Momo
  • Khuwa/Cheese/Paneer Momo
  • Fish Momo
Image of ready to eat momos.
The momo is ready, anyone ready to devour?

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