There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you.

Since the start of your pregnancy journey, you’ve probably always wondered, what’s going on in there?

Well, let’s break it down to what is happening inside your womb.

What happens for the first week?

First week of pregnancy
What happens in the 1st week?

During the first week of this journey, your baby floats around inside the womb. They are only a tiny ball of dividing cells traveling from the Fallopian tubes to the uterus.

When does a baby’s heart start pumping?

A baby’s developing heart starts pumping blood during the sixth week of pregnancy. By the eighth week of pregnancy, the baby’s heart beats at a rate of 160 beats per minute.

Can a baby hear inside the womb?

Babies start hearing your voice after the 16th week of pregnancy. They can listen to you talking, walking, breathing and even burping.

Babies start to hear during the 16 week
When can a baby start hearing inside the womb?

However, stay away from loud noises such as planes, concerts, and loud music. This is because loud noises are capable of damaging your baby’s hearing.

When does a baby start seeing inside the womb?

Around the same week (16th), your baby begins to see as well. Although it’s not a clear vision, they see a glowing light if you are out in the sun.

Can babies cry inside the womb?

During the 24th week, your baby can move their jaws and can respond to noises. So, your baby is capable of crying as well.

Babies and Pee

Babies begin peeing inside the womb from the 8th week of pregnancy. Around the 10th or 11th week, babies start drinking their own pee that’s mixed with the amniotic fluid.

Babies drink their own pee inside the womb
Babies and Pee

Babies drink their own pee for 20-25 weeks inside the womb.

Do babies taste food inside the womb?

At around 11 weeks o pregnancy, babies start to develop their taste buds. So, babies can taste whatever the mother eats.

However, the taste-buds fully develop at 28-29 weeks.

Life inside the womb

So, now you know what happens inside the womb. Remember happy mother equals a happy baby. So, keep on smiling and enjoy this beautiful period of your life.

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