Have you ever linked sleep to meditation? Well, both of them are quite similar in many cases. For a good healthy and balanced life, both sleep and meditation are important.

Let’s find how sleep and meditation impact us in our daily activities.

What is sleep?

Sleep gives a break to your body and mind.
Sleep gives a break to your body and mind.

Sleep is a therapeutic process, which gives a break to different parts of your brain functions. The body carries out maintenance while sleeping.

In the meantime, your memory forms and integrates the information learned throughout the day.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice of focusing on one subject such as breath, bodily sense, or mantras. It helps you get a better grip over your emotions and actions.

Meditation promotes love and happiness through self-awareness. Furthermore, you will find inner peace.

Similarities between sleep and meditation.

Similarities between sleep and meditation.
Similarities between sleep and meditation.

i.    Refresh your mood and energy.
ii.   Provide you deep rest.
iii.  Relax your brain.
iv.   Slow down the metabolism rate.

Difference between sleep and meditation

i. Sleep is an inevitable need of the body, whereas meditation is optional.

ii.  In sleep you are unconscious, unlike while meditating you are aware of your environment.

Why meditate?

In spite of sleep, meditation can be a great recharge for you. Meditating during daybreaks fuels up your day with the same excitement that you had in the morning.

It also elevates your brainwave state into the same state that can be reached through sleep. Most commonly, your brain is in an Alpha state while sleeping.

Brainwave and meditation

Similarly, while meditating your brain reaches alpha state as well. We feel relaxed in this state. Daily practitioners can reach up to Theta state. Few masters achieve the most profound state, Delta.

Make a good combination between the sleep and meditation

Balance both meditation and sleep in your daily routine.
Sleep and meditation.

However, don’t skip sleep, just because you meditate. Rest is essential for your body and brain development. It also helps to sharpen your focus while meditating.

Concerning sleep, meditation induces a good night sleep. So, manage them together in your routine.

Bottom line

i. Both, sleep and meditation are quite common.

ii. Sleep is a therapeutic process, that gives a break to your brain functions.

iii. Meditation is a practice of focusing which makes you aware of yourself and your surrounding.

iv. Sleep and meditation are interrelated and supports each other.

v. You produce same brainwave, alpha, while meditating that you produce while sleeping.

So, make a good combo between them. Live your life to the fullest.

Why Sleep and Meditation Are Important?

Do you feel as much relaxed as sleep after meditating? Let us know in the comments.

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