‘Paranai Dinchhu’ Reaches #12 On Trending


Twelve Notes just released the latest new song called ‘Paranai Dinchhu’ by Hari Lamsal & Melina Rai on May 3, 2019, on YouTube and fans are in total awe. The music video has already gained 500,000+ views and is #12 on trending.

The song is very beautiful in its glory and the cherry on top is the beautiful music video starring Dayahang Rai and Laxmi Bardewa. The music video revolves around two very ordinary people. Laxmi runs a public bathroom and Dayahang Rai falls in love when he goes to the bathroom for the first time. The love, at first sight, attract Dayahang to regularly go to the bathroom in order to visit her.

They fall in love and have a wonderful relationship.


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