January 15. Kathmandu.

Some people are really sick. What is worse? They have the courage to publicise their heinous acts. I am referring to a man, who not only ejaculated on a girl’s hair in a public bus but had the balls to shoot the video and upload in social media. He had uploaded the video in the Facebook’s public group “Women’s Warrior”.

Though you might think that this is a far-fetched imagination, but it is not. The person who did this was Rabin Ruchal alias Rabin Sarki. He carried out this incident on a bus more than a year ago.

In the video uploaded in the net, it showed him ejaculating on a girl’s hair from behind, while she was sitting before him. However, neither Sarki’s face nor that of the victim was captured in the video.

As soon as the video, uploaded on January 25, 2019, became viral people were enraged. A group of women activists complained about this heinous act to the Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) in Teku.

The police took the complaint seriously and started working on the case. They only had one clue. The bus ran on Langankhel-Swoyambhu-Dallu route. Questioning the driver and staff led to nowhere. They also looked for active mobiles during which the incident took place.

So the police team sought the help of Facebook, a pornographic site and Google for help. Google did not reply. From the correspondence with the remaining two parties, it was clear that Sarki had used VPN (Virtual Private Network).

When the police contacted the victim, she said she became aware of this crime only after getting off from the bus.

As the authorities started investigation they found that this video was shared from Rabin Ruchal’s Facebook page. They got a break. So the police started to trace Rabin Sarki using his mobile. Rabin, however, had fled to India. The case could not progress for more than a year.

According to the police, Rabin Sarki worked in a factory in New Delhi for three months and then he moved to Kashmir. He stayed in Kashmir for four months and then returned to Nepal. Rabin had thought that after such a long time the case must have gone cold. The police would not be looking for him. He was wrong. Police nabbed Rabin Sarki from Bharatpur in Chitwan on 14th January, 2020.

Sarki’s permanent address is that of Tanahu. Police say that Sarki must have committed this heinous crime in order to make money.

Rabin Ruchal has confessed to this crime. He was driving a rickshaw in Kathmandu one year ago.


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