‘Sukuti’ is a traditional dried meat dish of Limbu people consumed especially in Nepal. Sukuti tarkari can be made directly by mixing with other ingredients. Sukuti is usually served with tomato pickle.

It is made by cutting meats in small pieces, carefully removing fats and dried over the sun or hung on the fire to be cooked by adding spices.

You can watch the video below to make sukuti curry.

Making of spicy Dried meat curry

You can start make sukuti tarkari by adding oil in a hot pan, fry the sukuti pieces for few minutes, and put onion, chili, tomato in the pan and cook for few minutes. After that add garlic, ginger paste, salt, or other spices according to your taste. Then, you have delicious sukuti curry.

Making of sukuti curry, Image source: TripAdvisor

Sukuti curry and sukuti are also served in many hotel and restaurants in Nepal. You must try the mouth-watering and delicious sukuti.

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