Flutter is a Google Open Source SDK (Software Development Kit) which is used to develop an application for different mobile operating system that includes Android, iOS and Fuschia. It uses Dart as a programming language.

Flutter’s first version was launched in May 2017. Now, It is running in version 1.7. It offers beautiful UI Kits and fast development. Since we have to code only once for all the cross-platform application. Flutter works by deploying its won engine that opens a terminal to native platforms.

Flutter Cross-platform development
Flutter Cross-platform development

Goggle backing up this project, Only in 3 years flutter has a huge community, its repositories are updated and new features with new versions. They are targeting web also.

Flutter might look like a new contender but has taken a very big step in the cross-platform development on power with native platforms. It is giving stiff competition to React Native.

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