Tootle, a popular ride-sharing provider is being investigated by the Inland Revenue Department, IRD for possible Value Added Tax(VAT) evasion.

A popular media source had recently exposed that the company was collecting the 13% VAT from the riders while evading the government tax for the past 19 months. If found guilty, the ride-sharing company will be fined the evaded tax amount along with 25 percent of its tax liability.

After the news of the tax evasion broke out, people have started expressing their views on various social media platforms.

Here is how Twitter has reacted to the news!!

Unethical? Corruption? What do you think?

Here is a user asking Tootle to clarify the situation as soon as possible.

Let the goodwill not get ruined!
They want the VAT Breakdown!

Here is a tweet venting the frustration regarding the issue!

Do you agree?

Tootle is surely one of the most beloved ride-sharing application in Nepal, but, how will this allegation of tax evasion affect the company and its well-earned reputation? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!


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