An air fryer is a great kitchen appliance that helps to reduce the oil and in turn fat intake in our food. It is the downsized of the convection oven.

But, how to choose a suitable air fryer for your home when there are hundreds to choose So, for your ease, we have come up with a list of five AirFryer brands that are definitely available in India.

Here we have the top 5 AirFryer brands of India.

1.  Philips HD9220/20 2.2 L Air Fryer

Philips brand Air Fryer image
Philips Air Fryer

It’s a dutch product which is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. People buy this product due to good performance and easy availability in the market. The company also makes appliances for professional use however, air fryer is the famous one which is a popular brand in India.

2. Kenstar OF-KOA15CJ3-CFK Air Fryer

Kenstar brand Air Fryer image
Kenstar Air Fryer

Kenstar is the most popular air fryer brand in India, which is manufactured in India. Kenstar Oxy Fryer is a revolutionary product that uses a very little amount of oil for cooking. Over the years kenstar has launched a product range consisting of air coolers, OxyFryer, water heaters, etc and however, Air fryer are the ones. 

3. Havells Profile Plus 4L Air Fryer

Havells brand Air Fryer image
Havells Air Fryer

The Havells is a reputed brand for design and innovation and it includes the tray capacity of about 4Liters. Havells is considered a popular brand in India which is also an Indian brand. The company has products ranging from home, kitchen appliances, commercial and industrial appliances however, Steam iron is the on-purpose famous product. 

4. Black and Decker AF300-B5 4.0L Air Fryer- Black

Black and Decker brand air fryer image
Black and Decker Air Fryer

Black and decker corporation is an American Company which is a famous product in India. The company manufactures power tools, accessories, hardware, home improvement however, air fryer is the one’s famous product. People buy this product due to the good performance and a world wide brand.

5. Pigeon AF-Super 3.2L Air Fryer

Pigeon brand Super Air fryer image
Pigeon AF Super Air Fryer

The Pigeon is the perfect air fryer for people. If you are a huge fan of roasted chicken dishes. It works very perfectly and bigger as compared to other air fryers. The main function of this air fryer is it uses less oil during the frying. The Pigeon brand is most popular in India which is manufactured in Mumbai.  

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