Paras Shah needs no introduction – he was a former crown prince. Sonika Rokaya is a famous YouTuber in Nepal who runs The Sonica Show. She is particularly famous for young urban Nepalis. As of writing this article, The Sonica Show has gathered 245k subscribers. Paras Shah & Sonika Relationship Amidst closeness.

Both Paras Shah and Sonika have somewhat naughty personality. Paras Shah is a fun-loving person who sometimes gets into trouble. Sonika, on the other hand, produces somewhat racy but interesting content for her subscribers.

You can find the Sonica Show here.

Sample of Sonica Show Episode on YouTube

Oh! she has also interviewed Indian Comedian Kapil Sharma.

The news, however, is that recently Paras and Sonika are being seen together and look like Paras Shah & Sonika Relationship is true. It seems they love each other’s company. In addition, Sonika has also uploaded several videos in which Paras Shah can be seen in the background. Recently, at @Suumaan8 Tiktok account, you can see Sonica riding behind Paras on his motorbike.

Suu Maan on TikTok

In the TikTok Video Paras Shah makes a point by telling us that we are all Nepali and we should not divide ourselves by schisms.

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