Most probably you shower regularly. But, what would happen if you skip bathing for an entire month? Would you get too dirty? Would you die of all the bacterias and dirt all over your body? Would you still be beautiful and not give a single care in the world?

You're most likely to get sick if you don't bath for a whole month.
Not bathing for a month will make you sick.

No Shower For a Month? OMG!

Humans carry around 1000 types of bacteria and 40 types of fungus around their bodies. Most of these bacteria are good. But, you’ll need soap to fight harmful bacteria.
Here’s what will happen if you don’t shower for a whole month.

No shower for a month? OMG!
No shower for a month? OMG!

Makes you sick:

Harmful bacteria will get inside your body if you don’t bathe regularly. The bacteria enter through your eyes, nose, and mouth. So, you’re most likely to get sick if you don’t bath for a whole month.

Worsens skin conditions:

Not showering for a long time causes the bacteria build-up which worsens skin conditions. Dermatitis Neglecta and Eczema inflammation are few of the examples.
Dermatitis Neglecta is when the build-up of dead skin cells turn into flaky scales that are difficult to remove. But, taking regular baths and the extra care you can get rid of it.
Eczema inflammation is when your eczema gets more inflamed due to the oil build-up and dead skin cells.

Makes hair look bad:

No one ever wants their hair to look like a bird’s nest. If you don’t shower often, the dirt and excessive oil production will worsen your hair.

Demotivates you:

Feeling dirty makes you demotivated and decreases your interest in work and study. If you are a hygienic person, you might notice yourself withdrawing from people.

Dead skin cells:

If you don’t bathe regularly, you will have dead skin cells all over your body. Studies have shown that you lose about 43 million dead skin cells off your body every minute.

Saves you money:

Not bathing for a month will save you money. But that will come at the risk of being sick.
Always make your health a first priority.

Not bathing for a month, will save you money. But that will come at the risk of being sick. Studies state that on average people spend over $126 on shampoos and conditioners every year.

Bad Smell:

This might be obvious when you don’t bath for a month; you will smell bad. But here is the kicker – You smell bad not because of sweat. The sweat is virtually odorless. It is due to harmful bacteria again.


So, let’s rewind of what will happen if you don’t shower for a month?

  • You’ll get sick
  • Worsens skin conditions
  • Makes hair look bad
  • Demotivates you
  • Dead skin cells
  • Saves you money
  • Bad smell
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