Mount Everest
Mount Everest

More than 200 dead bodies are left on the Mount Everest. All of them were mountaineers, who fell victim to the harsh and brutal climate of the mountain. Some of the bodies have been there for decades. The disturbing part of these bodies is neither they can be deported from the mountain nor they naturally decay in that frozen environment.

Why cannot they be rescued?

Their bodies are almost impossible to deport from the high altitude area. Most of the missed bodies are above in 26,000 ft which is also known as the death zone. To reach there you have to go through ropes, climbs, and ladders. In such a situation, it’s difficult to balance yourself. No question for carrying a dead person!

Why the dead bodies don’t decay?

Dead body found on the north route of Mount Everest.
Dead body found on the north route of Mount Everest.

In an extremely frozen environment of Mount Everest, the dead body never decays. Rather, the dead bodies get preserved and turn icy cold. So, there is no chance of the body collapsing. That’s why they call the death zone an “Open Grave”.

How do deaths happen on Everest?

Climbing the Everest mountain is very risky. Even if you are a skilled mountaineer, you need to be also lucky. The weather of the mountain can change any minute into a deadly storm. Some of the main causes of death in the mountain are Avalanche, Accident, Acute mountain sickness and Exposure to frostbite. These factors make Mount Everest so dangerous to climb.

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