Do you like dwelling in the woods and Himalayas? If you are a nature lover, Nepal has much to offer for you.

However, the climate of Nepal changes four times a year. If you want to go for a trek, it’s vital to check whether it’s the right time or not before you go. Certain attractions of the place and ease of traveling will be not the same whole year. So, make sure you go at the right time of year to enjoy your trekking fully.

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal

Let’s find out the best time for trekking in Nepal.

The most suitable times for trekking in Nepal is divided into two peak seasons.

1. First peak season(February to April)

Season: Spring

Temperature: Mild warm at lowland and moderate temperature at Highland.

Highlights: Rhododendron and other wild flora blossoms, clear views of mountains and peaks

This season is considered as the best time for trekking and mountain climbing because the weather is mostly clear and sunny at this time. Plus, you also get to enjoy exclusive natural sceneries and floras at this time.

2. Second peak season(September to November )

Gokyo Lake
Gokyo Lake

Season: Autumn

Temperature: Moderate

Highlights: Clear weather and views, occasional rainfall, green valleys.

This season is the second best time for the trekking because at this time the weather is with you.

Apart from these two seasons, you can also trek in monsoon and summer season. But, we don’t recommend you those times, because you may have to face many challenges on the way which may ruin the fun of trekking. For instance, in monsoon the road is muddy and there is also the risks of flood and landslide. Secondly, you probably wouldn’t like to trek in hot summer days.

So, we recommend you to go for trekking in Spring and Autumn season only.

Do you have any queries regarding trekking? If you have, please ask us the question.


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