Wednesday, May 18, 2022


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Do You Know the Importance of Krishna Janmasthami?

Krishna Janmashtami, one of the holiest Hindu festivals, is celebrated every year on the day of Bhadra. This is the birthday of Lord Krishna. People...

Most Awaited Nepali Festivals: Dashain and Tihar On The Way

Nepal is a religious country rich in culture and traditions. We celebrate a varieties of festivals and occasions which carry their own significance. Our main...

Top 6 Heater Brand In India

In the winter season, the temperature gets very cold and hard to live. Due to this lifestyle of people get harder, to overcome all...
Amazon Forest Fire

Amazon Forest On Fire: Impact In Oxygen Supply Chain

The Amazon rainforest is on fire. NASA and NOAA's satellites have captured the flames from space. The following video shows a satellite showing amazon...
How To Gain Weight In 1 Week

How To Gain Weight In 1 Week?

Despite there are a lot of obese people, however many people are too skinny. Gaining weight is an increase in body mass and pressure....
professional behaviour at work

Why Is Professional Behavior Important At Work?

Every profession requires productivity, passion, and professional behaviour. Professional behaviour is a part of any occupation that includes being punctual, active, versatile, and many...

Sisan Baniya and His Team: Europe Tour, Istanbul|Turkey

Sisan Baniya is one of biggest vlogger and Youtuber of Nepal. He is a pioneer and one of the first youtube vlogger. He is...

How is Bajaj Bike Manufactured?

Motorbike is a two-wheel vehicle. It is used for different purposes like travel, sports, off-road riding, etc. Bajaj motors is the Indian company which...
Self confident

Easy 5 Tricks Which Enhance Your Confidence

Confidence is an element which helps to boost thinking, practice, knowledge, and behavior. In absence of it, one cannot pitch their ideas, news, views...

5 Healthy & Quick Breakfast Ideas *Very Easy*

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is called "Breakfast", which means to break the fast you were taking the night before....
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