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Top 10 LED TV Brands In Nepal

Top 10 LED TV Brands in Nepal

Television is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images in monochrome Joseph Black and white color and two or three dimensions and sound....
Photo Manisha Koirala

Bollywood Celebrities with Nepal connections

There are some Nepali celebrities that have made it big in Bollywood. So naturally, there are many Bollywood celebrities with Nepal connections. Udit...
Image of a pregnant woman

Is it possible for a baby to fart inside the womb?

Babies do a lot of things inside the womb which is their home for nine months. But besides crying, moving and drinking their own...
Top 5 Oven Brands In Nepal

Top 5 Oven Brands In Nepal

An oven is the cornerstone of any kitchen. It is a thermally insulated chamber used for the heating, baking or drying of a substance....
Sewing machine with a girl and a cat

Top 5 Sewing Machine Brand In Nepal

With this increasing technology and machines, we want to reduce human effort, energy and time. We all are familiar with the sewing machine. They...

Aanchal’s Lehenga Costs Rs. 16 Lakhs, Jewellery Rs. 60 Lakhs

Aanchal Sharma and Udip Shrestha married on 12th March. They had a lavish wedding. Their marriage party will probably be remembered for a few...
top 5 luggage brands in nepal

Top 5 suitcase brands in Nepal

A lot of design came from different brands which might be confused to choose, which will be the best and what you like. However,...
Top 10 Bikes in Nepal

Top 10 200 CC Bikes In Nepal

Owning a bike might be the dream of all youngsters, as riding a bike is more adventurous than other vehicles. Every bike has its...
Breathing Masks Picture

Top 7 Mask Brands in Nepal

The air pollution consisting of thick smoke and dirt is rampant in most cities in Nepal. Even the capital city, Kathmandu is not an...
Air Conditioner

Top 5 Air Conditioner Brands In Nepal

Air Conditioner in Nepal. Nepal lies in sub-continent, and geographically Nepal is divided into three regions the Himalayan, the Hilly and the Terai. And...
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