August 1. Kathmandu.

These days in the fight for YouTube views, subscribers, and likes artists are using all that they have. One of the methods they are employing is controversy. After all, any publicity is good publicity.

“Ghati Bhanda Tala” (Below the neckline) is the latest controversial song. The song explicitly says that the girl is beautiful – below the neckline. What that means is up to you and your imagination.

Here is the video:

The controversial team:

  • Singer: Arjan Pandey
  • Artists: Arjan Pandey x Reema Bishwokarma x Pawan Giri
  • Music: Pratik Paudel
  • Arrange/Mix/Mastered: Kobid Bajracharya ( Bajra Creations )
  • Direction: Astro Jholey

Here are some comments on YouTube.

So what do you think about this song? Let us know by commenting below.


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