So, the Met Gala just happened and we are speechless over the gorgeous looks of celebrities. But, Kim Kardashian stunned us all when she arrived in a dress by Manfred Thierry Mugler. And, of course! She looked breath-taking as always!

Photo Courtesy : GettyImages

However, the internet went crazy over how unreal her figure looked. Her waist looked the smallest and her hips and butt were bigger than ever. Overall, her figure looked exactly like and hourglass.

Some fans even said that Kim probably had her ribs removed to achieve that body figure. Yes, that’s crazy to even think about that!

But, in the latest video of Vogue, Kim reveals that she actually wore a very tight corset inside her dress for her hourglass figure! Such a simple and easy method! But, we bet that it was very difficult for her to bend or even sit well.

Video: Vogue


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