Street foods are global. Every other city has its outdoor street food serving the most popular foods for that city. These are the popular street foods in Nepal. However, note that this list mainly comes from the capital of Nepal – Kathmandu.


These are thin crust dumplings with meat as fillings. Different types of meat are used as fillings but the most popular is the buff meat. Momos are of different types based on the way they are cooked and type of fillings used. Steamed buff momos are the most popular in Nepal.


Samosas are thought to have originated in the middle east but good food is welcome everywhere. Samosas are quite famous as street food in Nepal. Samosa chat prepared from Samosa is also very popular.

Image of Samosa
Delicious samosa ready for eating.


These are non-vegetarian foods. Three types of meat – buff, chicken and goat – are mostly used. The meat is spiced up and then grilled in wooden fire or coal. The aromas that fill the streets as sekuwas are made just draws you to these street stalls.

Pani Puri

I think Pani Puri is Indian food, but I am not sure. The puris are thin crunchy shell prepared by frying very thin wheat dough. When the interior of these puris is filled with spiced up water with chilli the bites are full of exploding flavors. You can find Pani Puri in every street in Kathmandu, mainly during the evening.


Unlike other items on this list, Lassi is a drink. This is made from sweetened yogurt with chilled ice, ground banana, and some other fruits. Lassi provides a sense of satisfaction no other drinks provide, mainly during the summer months.

Image of a glass of lassi
The favorite chilled lassi.

These are the Nepali Street Foods popular in most cities of Nepal, if you think that I need to add other foods, please let me know by commenting below.


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