December 7.

The voice of Nepal -season 2 is over and the winner is Ram Limbu. The final four contestants were Ram Limbu, Sanish Shrestha, Bikash Limbu, and Aarif Rauf.

Ram was a part of coach Pramod Kharel‘s team. The other coaches were Deep Shrestha, Raju Lama and Astha Raut. Bikash Limbu was from Team Deep, Aarif Rauf from Team Astha and Sanish Shrestha from Team Raju.

The whole event was live on December 7 from 7 pm to 11 pm on Himalaya Television. The event was organized at Hyatt Hotel. You can see the event below.

By winning the Voice Of Nepal – Season 2, Ram has won a car and an album from Music Nepal.



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