During the release of the movie ‘The Breakup’ there was a lot of talk about the actress Shilpa Masak. Shilpa, who has worked in Hollywood films, got a good response from the first movie. However, commercially, the film failed.

In this movie, directed by Hemraj VC, Shilpa teamed up with Ashirman Desh Raj Joshi. Viewed as a much-awaited movie before its release, the movie did not find an audience in the hall.

Break Up Movie Poster
Break Up Movie Poster

Shilpa, who received the failure tag from the first movie, could not disassociate the tag from the second film. She also starred in the second film ‘Kajazpatra’ at the box office.

This week, Shilpa’s third film ‘Sano Mann’ was released. Shilpa was very optimistic about this movie. She believed this movie would remove the tag of her failure. But, this movie did not give Shilpa any success.

After three consecutive failed films, Shilpa has hatched on failure. Despite the admiration for the work and the beauty, Shilpa has not been able to deliver a successful film. Shilpa says that she has taken the film field seriously. But, a hit movie is required for the artist. If Shilpa’s failed film series is not stopped, it will be difficult for her to pursue a career in the film field.

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