Utsav360 – July 30, Kathmandu

Everyone in the world faces at least one problem in their life. We see the world of glamour and beautiful well-sorted life of the celebs but that’s not always what it is, they too have to go through pain and hardship in their lives like Domestic Violence.

We are talking about the well-known actress of Nepali cinema Shilpa Pokhrel who have earned both name and fame in her life.

Shilpa’s Story in the short video

Recently, she has filed an allegation against her husband and film producer Mr. Chabiraj Ojha who was in news for manhandling and abusing her wife for a month.

In an interview, it was said that she will go ahead with divorce and end their 3 years marriage and never forgive Chabiraj Ojha for his inhuman act.

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