Nepal Telecom’s local telephone and postpaid mobile phones have become cheaper.

In the financial bill, 2076, after connecting the telephone with the customer, it was made available to charge only Rs.500 from the customer as ownership fee. Since then, Nepal telecom’s local telephone and postpaid mobiles have been available at a lower rate.

Nepal Telecom’s local telephone and postpaid mobile at a lower price, Image source: NepalTelecom

The local telephone will now be available for Rs.1635 and postpaid mobile for Rs.145. Earlier, people had to pay Rs.2200 for local telephone and Rs.1510 for postpaid mobile.

According to Nepal Telecom, even the charges for renaming a local telephone have decreased by Rs.565. Earlier, for renaming the local telephone was charged Rs.1243. Now, it will cost only Rs.678. It is a good step of Nepal Telecom to lower charges for us.

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