14 Aug 2019 Kathmandu, This time, Saroj Adhikari and Smita Dahal have teamed up for a new romantic love song. The lyrics of the song are ‘Mayalu Timi Kata Chau’. This video of the cartoon crew is directed by Saroj Oli.

Saroj Adhikari is a prominent member of the popular dance group Cartoon Crew. Smita Dahal is the granddaughter of Pushpakamal Dahal. Smita, who has been singing since a young age, has recently become more active in music songs.

'The Cartoonz Crew Mayalu Timi Kata Chau'
‘The Cartoonz Crew Mayalu Timi Kata Chau’

Smita and Rajan Raj Siwakoti have given voice to the song. Dinesh Thapaliya wrote the song which contains Rajan Raj’s music. In this song, Uday Raj Poudel has composed the music and Shyamshwet Rasaily has mixed the song.

The song is filmed on an artificial set. The scene shows a man searching for a loved his love. In the music video, singer Smita Dahal also dances with the water. Sanjay Lama, the video filmed on the set created by Raju Painter. The color combination of the video, which was edited by Renish Phago, Vikram Swar’s choreography, Raj Kumar Uprety has done stund and Sandesh Shah was the editor of this music video.

Guys, hurry up and watch this amazing romantic love song.

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