Isn’t it fascinating how your beloved dog is capable of so many things?

Well, here are 7 facts you never knew before about your pet dog’s nose.

1. Dogs can smell pregnancy

With the help of secondary receptors, dogs can smell invisible things such as cancer and stress of their owners.

2. Dog’s nose can smell time

Throughout the day, the smell and air changes in your home. Your pet can smell these odours and will know what is going to happen at a specific time of the day.

3. Dog’s nose print is unique

Just like humans have different fingerprint, every dog’s nose shape is unique. So, each dog has a different nose.

A dog's nose
Each nose is unique!

Some companies register and store dogs’ nose prints in case the dogs are stolen.

4. Dog’s ears can smell

Ears play a huge role in how dogs smell. Depending on the breed, dogs, with their long floppy ears, can pick up scents.

5. Dry noses don’t mean they are ill

We often assume that if our pet has a dry nose, they are sick. However, it’s not always true. Dryness can also be due to the weather and environment.

6. Dogs can smell feelings

Dogs can sense the mild changes in your scent, which helps them assume how you are feeling. This is why they become excited when you’re happy and slowly cuddle to you when you’re sad.

Dogs can smell feelings
It’s useless to hide your feelings from your dog.

So, it’s useless to hide your feelings from your dog. You, simply, cannot fool your furry friend!

7. Dogs have scent glands between 125 million to 300 million

Based on the breed, dogs have a huge number of scent glands compared to humans who have only 5 million. Due to this difference, a dog can smell 100,000 time better than humans.

Dogs’ with longer snouts such as a German Sheperd or bloodhound have 225 million to 300 million scent receptors, respectively.

Now you know what your little furry friend can do with its nose. Do you know all 7 things your dog’s nose can do?

Here is a recap

7 interesting things a dog's nose can do
What a dog’s nose can do?

A Dog’s Nose:

  • Can smell pregnancy
  • Can smell what time it is
  • Has a unique nose print like a human’s fingerprint
  • If dry doesn’t always mean they are ill
  • Can smell emotions
  • Has about 125 million to 300 million scent gland

Do you know other amazing facts about a dog’s nose? If yes, let us know in the comments below!

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