What does it take to maintain a correct meditation posture? Do you have any idea?

Well, right meditation posture eases and uplifts your meditation session. Your body and mind are interrelated so, your position directly affects your concentration while meditating.

If your posture is incorrect, then you cannot get the most out of your meditation.

Let’s find out how to maintain the correct meditation posture.

Three things to remember

The first few things you should be aware of correct meditation posture are:  

I. Alignment

II. Relaxation

III. Stillness

If you maintain these three qualities, then you are meditating right.

Maintain alignment, relaxation, and stillness while meditating.
Alignment, relaxation, and stillness.

I. Alignment

When you meditate your back and neck should be aligned straight. Do not lean forward or tilt your head.

II. Relaxation

Stay relaxed. Stressing your body muscles is not a good posture.

III. Stillness

Stillness is another key to meditation. Try to remain in the same posture. Finding your center of balance will make it easier for you. Don’t tremble or shake.

Secondly, we recommend you six delicate postures for meditation. Experiment with these styles and find which works best for you.

Experiment with these styles and find which works best for you.
Six delicate pictures

1. Lotus position

It’s a traditional style of meditating which is simple. Sit simply with your leg crossed, close your eyes and rest your hands on your knees. Hold your posture upright.

2. Chair-sitting position

It’s applicable when you are at your office or in long-ride travel. Sit straight on a chair and rest your feet flat on the floor. Rejuvenate your mid-day with this meditation.  

3. Standing position

You can try standing meditation if you find standing more comfortable than sitting. This meditation boosts your energy and develops internal strength.  

4. Kneel down position

Kneel down is another excellent meditation posture, you should be experimenting. You will find it easier to keep your back straight with this posture. Grab a cushion between your bottom and heals for comfort.

5. Lying down position

You can try lying down position as well. To do this, simply lie down on a floor with arms extended alongside your body. This position releases your body tension and you feel relaxed quickly.

Opt for posture which is comfortable for you.
Maintain correct posture


  • Correct meditation posture uplifts your meditation experience.
  • Bad posture can make meditation feel annoying.
  • Maintain three qualities: Alignment, Relaxation, and Stillness
  • Try different postures and find which works best for you.


Who Else Wants To Know Correct Meditation Posture?

Which position do you opt for while meditating? Let us know in the comment.

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