Shrinkhala Khatiwada is one of the most known names in Nepal. In 2018, she won the Miss Nepal World title. She participated in Miss World 2018 and won the Beauty with a Purpose Award.

There are rumours that Shrinkhala Khatiwada and Sisan Baniya are having a love affair for a long time. We believe that this is rightfully so. However, we could not confirm. Here is a Sisan Baniya’s latest video, where Sisan and Shrinkhala are seen together on a hot air balloon in Pokhara.

Sisan Baniya’s Video Featuring Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Like us all other beings, Shrinkhala does have a soft side. She is showing signs that she is in love. And the lucky one seems to be Vlogger Sisan Baniya. Here, we are producing some visual proofs to back our claim.

Shrinkhala and Sisan

Shrinkhala Khatiwada and Sisan Baniya

These photographs are taken last year in Turkey. As you can see Shrinkhala is leaning on the Sisan Baniya’s shoulder with a cute expression on her face.

Sisam Baniya ANd Shrinkhala Khatiwada

In June 2019, French Embassy chose Shrinkhala Khatiwada to become the Goodwill Ambassador to celebrate the 70th year anniversary commemorating the diplomatic relations between Nepal and France.

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Top of the European alps!! July 23rd, 2019 It's the 70th Anniversary of Nepal France diplomatic relationship. Maurice Herzog from the city of Chamonix was the first person to summit a 8000+ mountain by climbing Annapurna. This was the point that brought the attention of the entire mountaineering community towards Nepal, opening new possibilities in our country for mountaineers. We've been staying at this city, hosted by ENSA and the beloved wife of Maurice, Elizabeth Herzog, for the past week. It's an absolute honor to raise the flag of these two countries on the top of Western Europe symbolising the eternal friendship between us. The climbing of Mont Blanc was organised by the French Embassy in Nepal This was also the occasion to recognize the role played by the French city of Chamonix (located at the bottom of Mont Blanc), ENSA (French National School of Ski and Alpinism) and the "mountain community" of Chamonix towards strengthening the people to people relation between the two countries in the domain of mountaineering. It also expresses the potential cooperation in the field of mountain tourism and hospitality. Many Nepali high mountain guides and paragliders have benifitted from the internships/trainings offered by the ENSA and various French associations active in Nepal. The cooperation in the domain of mountaineering and people to people exchanges are one of the pillars of the bilateral relations between Nepal and France. This goodwill visit to France as the Goodwill Ambassador was put in place with one objective : spread a positive message of friendship between Nepal and France and promote Nepal in France. Thank you @franceinnepal #ensa #Tirawa @yetiairlines @turkishairlines @ledauphineliberemontblanc

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On June 23 2019, Shrinkhala summitted Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe, while on a trip to France as a goodwill Ambassador. What is more surprising? Sisan Baniya was there with her!

Here are two pictures from Sisan’s and Shrinkhala’s Instagram. Seems they were together at Kalinchok, Dolakha. The picture posted few weeks back.

Sisan and Shrinkhala at Kalinchowk

Some more about Shrinkhala Khatiwda

Shrinkhala Kahtiwada was born in Hetauda Nepal. She completed her higher education from Pulchowk Campus, receiving a degree in Architecture. She is without a doubt very talented.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada comes from a political family. Her father Birodh Khatiwoda is the member of the House of Representative.

Similarly, her mother is a member of the Province 3 Assembly. Both of her parents had accompanied Shrinkhla to Sanya in China, where Shrinkhala was competing to become the Miss World.

The rumours of love between them are not new. However, both of them have not revealed their relationship to the public explicitly.

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