January 8. Kathmandu.

After more than 20 days of silence, actress Paramita Rana has finally spoken that she was inside the car, that killed a woman in Budhanilkantha. The woman, killed on 14th December, has been identified as Leela Devkota. She was returning home from her visit to Sankata Temple in New Road.

Paramita Rana is been known for her role in movie Chapali Height 2.

The locals who witnessed the accident said that there were four persons in the car. Two of them were men and two women. After the incident, the women left the car and went to a nearby shop to purchase recharge cards. The men, on the other hand, tried to flee the scene saying they did not drive the car. However, when the locals confronted these men, one of them said that he was driving the car.

The locals added that the confessed driver was too much drunk. He could not even walk straight. People who gathered in the accident scene saw bottles of alcohol inside the car.

In about 10 minutes of the accident, the police arrived. They took the two men under their custody but by then the two women had disappeared. The driver had been identified as 21-year-old Prithivi Malla. Karish Maskey was one of his co-passenger.

Prithivi Malla was in Kathmandu to spend the winter vacation from his college in the United States. The night before the incident, these four persons were enjoying in a posh nightclub in Thamel.

The victim, Leela Devkota, was living a happy life with a husband in a rented apartment in Budhanilkantha. She has three daughters and a son.

Police took Prithivi Malla in custody.

On 7th January 2020, Paramita Rana said that she was one of the two women in the car involved in the 14th December 2019, accident through a long facebook post with more than 1500 words. Here is the post she wrote.

Here are some reactions to her story.

Utsav 360 urges all people to not drink and drive. Hope we need not see any more tragic accidents like this.


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