In any relationship, you may think that love is the most essential element for a strong bond. However, it is the respect that always comes first.

Respect binds all other factors together including care, understanding, honesty, loyalty, appreciation and more.

Respect binds all other factors together including care, understanding, honesty, loyalty, appreciation, appreciation and more.
Respect comes before love in any relationship.

So, if you want to know whether your partner has respect for you or not, here are some signs to look out for.

Unwilling to hear opinions:

If your partner isn’t willing to listen to your views and feelings, s/he doesn’t respect you. Proper communication is significant in a healthy relationship. In any relationship you need to understand how your partner behaves and the reason why.

Watch out if your partner does not participate in a conversation or keeps silent because it is also not a good sign. It creates suspense, and you will not even know what went wrong.

Doesn’t make you a priority:

Genuine respect also means making time for your relationship. If your partner doesn’t make you a priority, it’s best to re-think your relation. While making any plans, your partner must include you. This simple gesture shows that your partner cares about you.

Disregards your other relationships:

A relationship doesn’t only consist of the two of you. It includes giving care and making time to know each other’s friends and family as well. So, if your partner doesn’t meet people that are important to you, they don’t respect you.

Is always uncompromising:

Compromise goes hand in hand in a relationship. If your partner isn’t ready to adjust for you, then they do not respect you. They do not care what you think and how you are feeling.

If your partner hurts your feeling once in a while, that is okay after all, we are humans. However, it is not okay when your partner hurts your purposefully and again and again.

Gives romantic & sexual attention to others:

If your partner gives romantic & sexual attention to others, this directly means they do not care how you feel. This also signals that they are no more interested in you.


Your partner has no respect for you if they :

  • are unwilling to hear opinions
  • do not make you a priority
  • disregard your other relationships
  • are always uncompromising
  • gives romantic & sexual attention to others

Have you witnessed such traits in your partner? If you haven’t, your partner is a keeper!

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